Hello, my name is Danny and I am 15

As a local teenager who really enjoys fishing in the Vale, I believe that Reddish Vale should hold more matches e.g-the Dads n Lads match or maybe even a pairs match with friends. I feel that it is a great way to attract new youngsters to the pond and hopefully some more adults. Also, as a teenager, I don't really feel I get to bond a lot with my Dad and interact with him as much as I'd like to do and I feel that by holding these kinds of events, you will be providing the community ( as well as children ) a fantastic opportunity to enjoy and take part in this great sport.

P.s - I know that this is a bit cheeky, but would you consider stocking the ponds with Ghost Carp??

What is a Ghost Carp?

Ghost Carp or Ghost Koi are a cross between a King Carp and a metallic 'Ogon Koi'. This is not a hybridisation between species but between Carp varieties of the same species.
They are usually white or greyish but different Ghost Carp can be found throughout some lakes in Britain.
Ghost Carp are renowned for the they fight with the typical hybrid vigor, possibly three times harder than their parent species.
They are more intelligent than their parents and catching a large Ghost is a bigger achievement than catching any other species of Carp.


Thanks for the article, Danny. What do you think about this article, would you like to see Ghost Carp introduced to the ponds?, drop us a line at, or leave a message on the message board.

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